Google Ads PPC for Dentists

Dentist Google Ads (PPC Campaign Setup & Management Services)

Health Practice Digital is a successful patient-centric dental marketing partner delivering 40-70 qualified new patient opportunities per month. We offer end-to-end new patient marketing systems that help dental practices grow in the digital world by attracting high-value patients for implant treatment, Invisalign, all on 4 implants, crowns, sleep dentistry and smile makeovers.

To date, our dental PPC marketing campaigns have added north of $61+ million in additional practice revenue for the practices we partner with. Some have doubled and tripled their practice revenue working with us over the last few years.

We’re not just another "PPC marketing company", we’re a specialised dental marketing partner and our clients see us as an extension of their internal team by how closely we work with them.
Google Ads Services is an important part of our vast marketing services across the United States.

Our dental practices are averaging between 70-148 new patients per month
from our tailored Google Ads campaign strategy.

Don't take our word for it, here's what our dental practice clients are sharing:

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Megan H. Dental Google Review
Blue Star Dental Google Review

Client Success Stories

How We've Helped Jane Grow Her Practice

“Has been the best decision I've invested in. Andrew and Josh and the whole team are a pleasure to work with and thoroughly know what they are doing and how to make your goals a reality.

It's also taken all the stress of digital marketing off my shoulders so I can focus on the dentistry instead.
Can't thank you guys enough - Jane H".


― Dr Jane Huynh, Principal Dentist
Reservoir Smiles

Dental Google Adwords To Help Clinics Gain Higher Visibility

Choose to partner with a proven dental marketing provider that delivers measurable Google ads results for dental practices!

1. We design your digital marketing campaigns with extensive campaign research to target patients who need the particular dental treatments you provide in your service area.

2. This creates a solid marketing campaign that helps expand your customer base efficiently and cost-effectively. We assign a dedicated account manager who overlooks your digital marketing campaign and reports to you directly.

3. Health Practice Digital meticulously tracks your marketing campaign to monitor and achieve the important goals of your dental practice.

4. Unlike other marketers, we rely on profit-driven marketing, proving ROI, and efficiently utilizing your time and money. Our transparent and ethical practices provide you with measurable monthly updates on your digital marketing campaign's success, areas of improvement, and future steps to innovate further in attracting new patients.

Don't Gamble with "Spray and Pray" PPC Marketing

Dedicated Account Manager

Your personal PPC account manager will look after the Google Ads campaign, and report to you with updates and improvements that are made. A single point of contact who knows your practice.

Paid Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC for dentists is an effective marketing strategy for dental practices. When done right, you can start generating high-quality leads for your website. Those looking for your dental services in your location.

Tracking Important Goals

Out dentist google ads and PPC marketing provides your clinic with a measurable platform that allows you to enhance your online presence, reach more patients, and get ahead of the game.

Profit-Driven Marketing

Our PCC management for dentists is driven by achieving results, ultimately proving a return on your investment. We don't believe in wasting your time and hard-earned money by showing you 'vanity' metrics.

Extensive Campaign Research 

Our dental google AdWords agency has a team of Google Adwords and PPC marketing experts to ensure your dental clinic is positioned at the top with data-driven research.

Reported Monthly Updates 

We pride ourselves on being transparent in keeping you aware and informed on the progress of your dental google adwords campaign. Each month, we will highlight the wins, areas that need improvement and suggestions for the next steps.

If you're looking to grow and acquire more high value patients into your practice on a monthly basis, e.g. implants, orthodontics, smile makeovers etc. - Let's discuss further.

Schedule your free 30 minute practice growth consultation below at a time that suits you. It may be the most impactful conversation you have in growing your practice in this year and beyond.

Services We Offer for PPC Management for Dentists

Our Google Ads Services are specifically designed for your unique dental practice, and service area in the United States, so relevant dental patients can always find you on Google.

The dentist AdWords and PPC management team can optimise campaign performance and advertisement spending for your practice. Our team focuses on a hands-on approach to creating and managing PPC dental accounts to ensure constant improvements.

Our PPC services for dentists include:

A/B Testing

Ad Copywriting

Aggressive Bid Strategy

Conversion Tracking

Industry Analysis

Keyword Monitoring

Landing Page Optimisation

Paid Search Advertising

PPC Management


The Health Practice Digital team is experienced in PPC marketing and Google AdWords for dentists. We can help you in generating a higher ROI and satisfied dental patients.

Dental Google Ads PPC FAQ