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Build Awareness, Maximise Reach, and Boost Revenue with Facebook & Instagram Dental Clinic Marketing

Facebook advertising has become one of the most cost-effective ways for dental businesses of different sizes to market their dental services. It allows them to target specific audiences based on regional and demographic data. Since Facebook owns Instagram, many businesses use it to display ads in news feeds.

Health Practice Digital specialises in Facebook & Instagram dental clinic marketing. Our team of social media and marketing experts can create stunning ads for your practice for multiple use cases.

So, whether you’re looking to attract new patients near your location or spread general awareness related to oral hygiene, we’ve got you covered.

Why Use Instagram & Facebook Ads for Dentists?

✓ Drive prospectus patients to your dental practice’s website

✓ Promote different dental services/procedures, such as Teeth Cleaning, Fillings, Whitening, etc.

✓ Increase social media following

✓ Highlight patient testimonials for PR and reputation management

✓ Increase visibility and engagement

✓ Spread awareness about your dental clinic and oral hygiene practices

✓ Receive and answer message inquiries about your services

✓ Conduct regular A/B testing to learn about your target audience

Get Our Proven Facebook & Instagram Dental Marketing Campaigns

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What's Included & How We Help Every Month:

✓ It is the most effective channel to acquire treatment specific patients and we have a proven system to deliver patients every month for your offices.

✓ Campaign set up including targeted research & analysis of key interests of potential patients interested in specific types of treatment

✓ Create several optimised landing pages for different treatment offers, for e.g. invisalign, wisdom teeth, crowns, implants, smile makeovers, bread and butter dentistry etc.

✓ Patient appointment requests and their contact details will be automatically emailed to the admin email address provided. It is advised that front office staff monitor incoming emails and call each patient back to confirm their appointment within the day. It also adds a personal touch to ensure they attend the appointment.

✓ Calls and online patient appointment requests are all tracked from the campaign.

✓ We get together for monthly strategy meetings with you and your team where campaigns are reviewed and improved for better messaging and patient conversions on a continuous basis.

✓ Benefit from up to $120,000 in new patient cases per month.

✓ An easy to use patient lead system CRM for your team to use to nurture, follow up and convert new patient cases.

Don't take our word for it, here's what our dental practice clients are sharing:


Types of Facebook Dental Ads We Specialise in

Image and Video Ads

Let us optimise your existing images or short videos and share them with your target audience. Image ads typically utilise a single photo, making them the go-to choice for most dental marketers. Moreover, video ads for dental services have proven to increase conversions by 86%, according to WebFX.

Instance Experience Ads

Let our team of experts strategically create and place a fast-loading landing page for your audiences on the Facebook mobile platform, offering them an instant experience of your services. IE ads are quite popular today and can help save a lot of time for users looking to book appointments right away.

Carousal and Slideshow Ads

Do you want your audiences to learn about your team, facility, and procedures – all in one ad? Let us create stunning carousel ads displaying up to ten videos or photos. You can also use this to show prospectus patients a brief highlight of how you perform certain procedures. We can also merge text, images, and videos to create slideshow ads to provide a more engaging experience.

Client Success Stories

How We've Helped Jane Grow Her Practice

“Has been the best decision I've invested in. Andrew and Josh and the whole team are a pleasure to work with and thoroughly know what they are doing and how to make your goals a reality.

It's also taken all the stress of digital marketing off my shoulders so I can focus on the dentistry instead.
Can't thank you guys enough - Jane H".


― Dr Jane Huynh, Principal Dentist
Reservoir Smiles

Client Success Stories

How We've Helped Jane Grow Her Practice

“Has been the best decision I've invested in. Andrew and Josh and the whole team are a pleasure to work with and thoroughly know what they are doing and how to make your goals a reality.

It's also taken all the stress of digital marketing off my shoulders so I can focus on the dentistry instead. Can't thank you guys enough - Jane H”.


― Dr Jane Huynh, Principal Dentist
Reservoir Smiles

Don't Gamble, Trust A Proven Dental Marketing Provider That Actually Cares About You and Delivers Results For Practices Just Like Yours:

Dedicated Account Manager

Your personal account manager will look after the marketing campaign, report to you with updates and improvements that are made. A single point of contact who knows your practice.

Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

Getting you in front of the right patients through a targeted marketing campaign who need particular treatment you'd like to produce more of is how we will help grow your patient base.

Tracking Important Goals

We'll meticulously track and measure your campaign to ensure that we're achieving the goals that are important to you and your practice.

Profit-Driven Marketing

Our marketing campaigns are driven by achieving results, ultimately proving a return on your investment. We don't believe in wasting your time and hard-earned money by showing you 'vanity' metrics that others might use to demonstrate value.

Extensive Campaign Research 

We work from the inside out. After understanding how your practice works at a deeper level, we delve into your competitors, what's working and craft a solid digital marketing campaign.

Reported Monthly Updates 

We pride ourselves on being transparent in keeping you aware and informed on the progress of your marketing campaign. Each month, we will highlight the wins, areas that need improvement and suggestions on next action steps to keep growing  patient base.


We believe in transparency at every stage of our processes. Thus, we provide detailed reports showcasing the Facebook ads design process along with the results generated.

Industry Authority

To date, we have worked with dental clinics all around Australia to improve different aspects of their digital presence, including building new dental websites, search engine optimisation, and Google Ads. Therefore, you can rest assured we have what it takes to create powerful Facebook ads for dentists.

Custom Approach

We believe every dental clinic is different. Therefore, we create a tailored Facebook dental advertising strategy for every client, employing advanced targeting options based on gender, location, Facebook interests, service preferences, income bracket, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to advertise a dental clinic using Facebook?

Dental Facebook advertising costs vary depending on several factors, such as your regional location, positioning, target audience, relevance score, imagery, and competition, among others. However, Facebook ads for dentists typically cost between $0.50 and $2.00. The good news for dental clinics is that healthcare ads cost relatively lower than the average cost-per-click in all industries ($1.72).

Does Facebook advertising work for dentists?

Yes, Facebook advertising is a popular dental marketing solution used by local and large clinics to create different ad campaigns using Facebook Ads Manager. With a decent budget and regular A/B testing, running dental ads can become a quick and effective way to target leads based on region, city, and other metrics.

How is dental advertising done on Facebook?

Dental advertising on Facebook is done using Facebook Ads Manager. Users can create an account, choose their objective (brand awareness, reach, conversions, etc.) and audiences (age, location, generation, financial, etc.), set their budget, and create ads. They can also monitor their ad’s performance in terms of engagement, clicks, likes, views, downloads, etc.

What are the different ways to advertise a dental clinic on Facebook?

Facebook offers many ways to advertise your dental clinic on Facebook, including images, videos, stories, carousels, slideshow ads, promoted posts, and instant experiences. All of these methods have their benefits. Therefore, you must ensure you use the best type for your use case to attract the relevant audiences.